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July 24, 2023

Chef Kayode Olatunji


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Chef Kayode Olatunji

I hail from Ogun State, Nigeria. My experience in food creativity has traversed restaurants and homes. My ample culinary experience in home service and fine dining has truly opened my mind and changed how I perceive food. Cooking is something that brings me happiness, and I love preparing meals for others. Becoming a chef has always been my aspiration, and I have dedicated considerable effort to achieve it. It is a wonderful profession where you can learn new things daily. When I serve a bowl of a recipe, it contains my love, hard work, and passion for my craft. I have worked at places like CHOW-MEIN Chinese takeaway and Big-Treat. I have had the pleasure of cooking for esteemed individuals such as Elizade Motors’ Mr. Toyota and POPCENTRALTV Channel 189. With all the “flavor” in my experience, I am ready to provide you with mind-blowing meals, and I firmly believe in sharing my passion with the world.

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