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A magical combination that sent aromas to the taste buds

Grill Service
Full / Ram Goat Service
₦50,000 - ₦120,000
Full Ram Service- ₦120,000
Full Goat - ₦100,000
Hlaf Ram Service- ₦60,000
Half Goat Servce - ₦5,000
Enjoy grilling in a new way.
1 Carton Grill Service
₦15,000 - ₦50,000
Chicken,/Turkey/ Lamb chops/Gizzard/Steak/Pork/ #30,000
Half Carton #15,000
2 Cartoons #50,000
Fresh Fish 1 Carton #40,000
We prepare it differently
Suya shawarma #32,000
Suya sandwich #2,000
Suya burger #2,500
Owanbe hot dogs #1,500
Experience fun with yoru taste buds
After Party Special Orders
Beef suya #1,500
Ram asun #2,500
Goat asun #2,000
Tukey asun #2,500
Chicken asun #2,000
Honey wings (turkey or chicken) #1,500
Prawn suya (3 pieces) #3,000
Fish suya croacker #3,000
Tilapia #2,500
Cat fish #3,000
Done with a touch of difference
Sides Available
.Smoky jollof N1000
Arrabiata pasta N2000
Spicy noodles N1500
Potatoes Fries N1000
Sweet potatoes N1000
Yam fries N1000
Plantain fries N1000
Roasted potatoes N1000
Roasted plantain (bole) N1000
Roasted yam N1000
Yamarita N1500
Yam burger N1500
Salad N1000
Experience the Paris experience
Transportation is not included in any of these prices For After party menu please note that service charge & transportation will be added to your invoice.

We create the perfect grilling experience

Redefining dining with diverse flavors for extraordinary moments

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