Chef Ogundiran Oluwadamilare

A magical combination that sent aromas to the taste buds

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July 24, 2023

Chef Ogundiran Oluwadamilare


Well Experienced

Executive Chef

Chef Ogundiran Oluwadamilare

Being in the culinary world, I would say, is the best decision I have ever made. Although the journey has not been an easy one, each step into the culinary world proves that I made the right decision. I always give all praise to God for His wisdom and for leading me through this path. I hail from Oyo State, Nigeria. My culinary journey so far has established my name not only in rural but also urban areas. In addition to this, my experience in-home service and creative dining have helped me understand different recipes from various tribes. It has been my privilege to work at some places such as:

  • Foodetal Nig
  • Kensington Meadow
  • Schlumberger Roy Cafe
  • Chow & Bite, etc.
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