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Nigerian Party Menu
₦1,400 - ₦2,000
Goat meat/Chicken pepper soup #2,000
Small bites #1,400
suitable for everyone
Jollof rice served with salad/ Moimoi/ Meat and Turkey #5,000
Fried rice served with salad, sautéed veggies, meat and chicken#5,000
Eforiro with semo/ amala #4,000
Egusi/eforiro with pounded yam and fresh fish #6,000
Sweet porridge served with shredded beef and sautéed veggies #4,000
Ofada served with assorted meat ayamase and plantains #5,000
Experience fun with yoru taste buds
Abula (gbegiri, ewedu and amala) #5,000
Ewa goyin with cube plantains and Eja kika #2,500
Yo-yo fish and garri #1,000

Treat your guest

Enjoy a meaningiful culinery experience with creativity in mind.

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